CalNeva Broadband exists to connect rural areas and communities with the rest of the world. Most rural areas struggle to find reliable internet services with top notch speed. We at CalNeva noticed that rural areas were often neglected when it came to offering the best broadband has to offer, so we made it our goal to provide the best internet services to these neglected communities. No longer do you have to feel disconnected to what's going on in the world! CalNeva is here to make sure you are "in the loop." 

But we don't only specialize in broadband internet. There are other ways to stay connected to the world. That's why we offer digital phones and television/cable services as other ways to keep you connected. 

It is our desire to see your community up to date with everything going on in the world, to see your businesses and households have fast and reliable internet, and to keep you connected to your friends, family, and to your culture. So give us a call and we'll  get you set up with the most reliable internet to date, and you can go back to watching Netflix at ease knowing that you won't have to deal with unnecessary lagging. 

Contact CalNeva Broadband and join us on this journey of boldly going where no broadband has gone before!